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Corporate Awards

Corporate awards can be used in a wide variety of ways to recognize and motivate employees and customers.

Corporate awards can be used in a wide variety of ways to meet a number of goals. Just some of the ways these awards can be used include motivating sales teams, recognizing achievements and showing customer appreciation.

For customer appreciation corporate awards can take the form of recognition or gratitude. Awards to recognize accomplishments may include plaques or trophies. To show gratitude for a customerís business, the award can be more of a thank you gift. These gifts can be selected from virtually anything that you think the customer will appreciate receiving. In either case, the award can be tied to a theme and reflect the culture of your company.

When used to motivate a team, awards should be something that the team member would love to have, but is not likely to have bought for himself. You will also want to consider items that they will want to display, or will use often. This will continue to reinforce your message of support.

For employee recognition, corporate awards often take the form of plaques, crystal awards or desk items. They are items that the employee will be proud to receive.

Virtually any corporate item can be personalized with the company logo and name. You will also want to include some type of inscription of the award is to recognize a special accomplishment, or include the recipientís name and a date if it is being award to a specific individual.

In addition to plaques, trophies or similar award, corporate awards often include winning trips. If this is the case with your business, you will want to consider bundling some personalized promotional items to give to the winner of the trip. For example, a trip to an exotic beach could include a basket with a logo beach towel and some bottles of sunscreen. A trip to the California wine country may include a logo bottle opener and a bottle of wine, or even personalized wine glasses.

Corporate awards can go a long way in motivating people and strengthening relationships. Let us help you select just the right award to meet your needs.

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