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Corporate Gift Baskets

Corporate gift baskets are the perfect way to bundle promotional items in a unique and appealing way for their recipients.

The greatest thing about corporate gift baskets is that the possibilities are endless for customizing your gift to fit your exact needs. Have an unusual theme that you are working with and having a hard time finding just the right promotional gift to meet your needs? Fill a basket with a variety of small items that work well together to expound upon your theme.

Many pre-stocked gift baskets are available to fit a wide variety of occasions, if you prefer. Many basket ideas are geared around food, including cookies, crackers, cheese, wines, teas or coffees. You can also include complementary items, such as mugs to go with coffee items, a bottle opener with wine or even a t-shirt that fits your theme.

The basket itself is also part of the selection process when choosing a corporate gift basket. For higher-end gifts you can package your items in a beautiful picnic basket or in a silver-plated, handcrafted wine cooler. You can also use items that fit the products, such as packaging tea in a tea pot.

While most food items are already branded, you are welcome to include another item inside the gift basket that includes your logo or company branding on it. You can also have personalized gift cards added to the basket. A thoughtful, inspirational gift card may be kept, providing a lasting impression long after the basket’s contents have been eaten.

When selecting baskets as corporate gifts, keep shipping costs in mind as you anticipate your final costs. Because baskets are bulky, they need to ship in larger containers and frequently cost a bit more than standard-sized shipments. This is particularly true for expedited shipping, which may be chosen if the contents of the basket are highly perishable. (In these cases, you will also want to make sure the recipient will be in town to receive it. You’d hate for them to return to a basket of spoiled food items.)

Gift baskets make particularly good welcome baskets. After a busy day traveling, a plentiful gift basket awaiting you in your hotel room makes for a nice surprise. (Especially since it will stop you from breaking into those exorbitantly high-priced mini-bars!)

Baskets also make a nice corporate gift when they are being delivered to a team of workers as a thank you. A gift basket can be easily shared among a group, and there is sure to be something for everyone in the mix of items.

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