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Crystal Awards

Crystal awards add sparkle and glamour to any award, making its presentation elegant and top-notch.

The sparkle and shimmer of light reflecting off crystal makes crystal awards an elegant and high-class gift for customers and employees.

There are a number of things that make crystal awards a great option for recognition. As mentioned, they appear very elegant and refined. In fact, they are often mistaken for being more expensive than they actually were, so customers or employees will feel that you really spent on a lot on them to recognize their achievement. You get a lot of bang for your buck! (Of course, you can also select from some of the prestigious crystal makers, such as Waterford or Mikasa.)

Crystal awards make great trophy items as well, and can be used for schools or universities, athletic teams, service organizations or the military, to name a few. Because the awards can be created in custom shapes to meet your needs, you can consider different sports figures, mascots or emblems.

Another useful crystal award is a crystal paperweight. These items can be unique to your organization, and prove to be useful. Each time the recipient places it on a stack of papers they will be reminded of the special moment when they received it.

Crystal awards can become a part of your organization’s culture when a unique program is created around it. For example, a school system could develop a crystal apple program, in which teachers who display exceptional teaching methods have an opportunity to receive the crystal apple award. Another example would be that an airline or travel agency could develop a program in which winners would receive a crystal globe.

Another plus with crystal is that these awards are frequently displayed in prominent locations within a customer or employee’s office. Whoever comes through their door will see your company logo on the award, and think highly of you for being thoughtful enough to recognize the recipient. They may even be a little jealous!

Crystal awards are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and customized shapes are always an option. For most crystal awards, the standard imprint is etched or engraved into the crystal.

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