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Custom Imprinted T-Shirts

Custom imprinted t-shirts turn your customers into walking billboards, displaying your company’s message.

T-shirts have made their way out of the home. No longer for chores, tee-shirts are a staple in our wardrobes; worn for running errands, exercising, shopping... you name it, we’re doing it in a t-shirt. And we’re frequently in an custom imprinted tshirt. Because of this, custom tee-shirts are a smart solution for getting your company’s name in front of the public eye.

One great thing about having your promotional t-shirt imprinted with custom artwork is that there is a vast amount of options for you. You can select any color shirt, and you have a large area to imprint. Your artwork can be extensive, with plenty of room to incorporate your logo and company information. There’s no need to stick to one color either, as full color artwork is an affordable option.

Imprints are applied to custom tee shirts most often by screen printing. This can be done as spot colors or as four color process CMYK. Once the artwork is determined, it is often applied to transfer paper initially, and then applied to the shirt later. Once on the shirt, it is heated to permanently set the ink on the fabric.

Black and white t-shirts are by far the most popular selection for custom imprints, mainly because they have stood the test of time and are always fashionable. While a wide assortment of colors is available, color choices tend to be based on current fashion trends. If budget is a priority, a low cost imprinted tshirt is usually the white teeshirt; the darker the teeshirt, the more expensive.

When considering a dark custom printed shirt, think about what artwork you’d like to use. Artwork on dark shirts is usually light, which creates unique printing issues. Light inks are often transparent, so to ensure that they show up on the dark shirt, special plastic opaque inks are used. Sometimes printing the area two or more times ensures your artwork has the look you are going for. We can work with you to make sure your custom tshirt color choice works well with your artwork.

Tee shirts are fun. They’re a walking billboard and a fashion statement. And they get read. Think of how many times you are in line at the post office or the grocery store-anywhere, really - and you’re reading what’s on the logo t-shirt of the person in front of you. Custom imprinted tee-shirts get visibility for your message.

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