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Custom Lapel Pins

Custom lapel pins have retained their popularity over the years and the wearer is usually uniquely identified as belonging to a particular organization.

Custom lapel pins have been around for years now, but their popularity never seems to wane. Originally lapel pins were mainly used as service award items, but today they have a wide range of uses.

Many companies around the country offer lapel pins in the shape of their corporate logo. These are often awarded on a service anniversary, and have still proven to be very popular.

Pins in general have seen a surge in popularity, particularly as the work environment includes a lot more companies requiring employees to wear name badges at all times for security reasons. Many employees like to adorn their badge with pins that represent different things, such as training they have been through, what area of the company they work for, or a particular event they attended.

Lapel pins have also gained popularity in showing support for various organizations. Patriotic red, white and blue ribbon pins became extremely common after September 11, while others seen frequently include yellow ribbons for support of our troops, pink ribbons for support of breast cancer research, and red dresses to promote heart health in women.

In some areas and at particular events you will find that collecting lapel pins has become quite a hobby. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to attend the Olympics, you will see widespread pin-trading.

When selecting a lapel pin style, you want to choose something small so it doesn’t appear loud or clunky. You also want to avoid sharp edges so that it doesn’t poke the wearer or snag on their clothing. Pins that are a half inch or smaller in size are widely accepted.

Pins for lapels are typically made with a brass base and are gold or silver finished. Higher-end pins can also be ordered that are made from solid jewelry gold. There are dozens of stock shapes to choose from, or you can create a customer shape for a standard die charge.

Lower cost lapel pins are screen printed with an epoxy coating added to protect the imprint from scratching. Higher-end pins are die-stamped and them polished or color-filled.

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