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Imprinted Golf Balls

Imprinted golf balls can be a big hit among your customers, and they’ll see your company’s message each time they tee up.

Imprinted golf balls are a welcomed gift by golfers. What golfer couldn’t use a few new balls at any given time? Particularly those golfers who aren’t good with water hazards! By giving your golfing customers a ball with your company’s message on it, you’re guaranteeing that they’ll see—and think of you—each time they tee up.

Most golf balls imprinted are white, and numerous brands are available, including Titleist and Nike. Brand can be an important point with many golfers, so having the top brands available is important in your selection. You can choose the specific type of ball you’d like to use for promotion, including whether you want a softer ball or a harder one designed for extra distance. (There is debate among golfers about whether the extra distance balls are worth the discomfort of hitting such a hard ball. Some golfers complain that it is like hitting a rock.)

While the imprint area is small, obviously, often three or more colors are used so your logo or message can be remarkable. The imprint process is called pad printing; this unique printing process allows for clear images on three-dimensional objects. You may also consider customizing or imprinting the golf balls’ packaging.

Golf balls are typically sold by the dozen, and packaged in sleeves of three imprinted balls. Occasionally you will find 15 balls to a box, with five sleeves of three balls each included. Because golf balls have a considerable weight to them, you will want to take shipping charges into account when you determine your final product costs.

Golf balls are a great promotional item when you consider how much business takes place on the golf course. The game of golf has helped develop and build many business relationships over the years, and hundreds of ideas have been hatched and deals made on the golf course. Also, imprinted golf balls make a great gift item for golfers participating in area tournaments or for school golf teams.

Most golfers are very dedicated to the sport, and appreciate any golf item you give them. When considering golf balls as a promotional imprint item, you may also want to think about bundling them with other golfing accessories, such as tees and towels.

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