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Promotional Gifts

Promotional gifts can bring joy and value to your customer, while allowing you to thank them for their business and keep your name in front of them.

Promotional gifts are a great way to thank your customers for a wide variety of reasons—for landing a large sale, for reaching a particular milestone, for a fund raising donation or during the holiday season to thank them for the year’s business. You may also want to consider a gift that promotes your business as a thank you at an industry or sales event. In addition to thanking the recipient for their contributions, these items stand out and will be used for years, creating an opportunity to keep them thinking about you.

Promotional items used as gifts tend to cost a little more than giveaway-type items, as they are typically five dollars and above. Also, in contrast to giveaway items, they are usually not imprinted. Instead, you can incorporate your logo and brand image into the packaging, or add a gift tag, enclosure card or hand-written thank you note that contains your company information. Some people will attach a small engraved plaque when appropriate for the item. If the gift itself is imprinted, it is often small or on the inside. Corporate colors can also be used when selecting the gift item or its packaging.

Items can be selected to complement or set-off a particular theme. For example, a clock can emphasize your ability to provide on-time service, a globe can be given as a thank you for expanding to international accounts, or a trophy can recognize a winning achievement. Gifts can also be incorporated into various promotions. For example, if you are running a promotion where someone will win a trip to Las Vegas, you could include promotional gift items that reflect "being lucky" or other the excitement of Las Vegas nightlife.

Not only will the customer think of you each time they look at or use the item, they will also feel appreciate and want to reciprocate your generosity. You’ve given them a gift; they’d like to give you something in return. Often, this is in the form of continued or increased business. Promotional gifts can help you build lasting relationships with your customers.

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