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Promotional Mousepads

Office professionals rarely function without computers these days; get your corporate message at their fingertips—on their mouse pad.

Mouse pads are the perfect solution for putting your message in front of busy professionals. Think about it, most business professionals can’t function these days without their computer. Between checking email, their calendars and completing reports, they are using it most of the day. And if they’re using their computer, they’re using their mouse... and seeing your mousepad.

Custom mouse pads are available with hard surfaces or fabric surfaces, and in a variety of thicknesses. While thin varieties meet the needs of the budget conscious, if you consider a thicker style you will help minimize the effect of desk items that stray under the mouse pad, such as paper clips.

Specialty mousepads are also available, including a wide variety of shapes and ergonomic designs with wrist rests. Some are available with a liquid cushion inside, while others allow the user to insert their favorite picture—framed by your message.

Mouse pads let you use virtually any artwork you would like. Working within the size or shape chosen, your image can bleed right to the edge of the mouse pad in any color or colors you chose. A vibrant photo can be used, a full color logo, or any other image you like. Keep in mind, most computer users have several mousepads to choose from, and they are likely to select the one that looks the nicest or invokes the most positive feelings.

Imprints on mouse pads are done using screen printing or pad printing, depending on the specific design chosen. The item lends itself very well to most artwork choices, although mousepads with hard surfaces tend to produce a crisper image.

Mouse pads are a great option for when you are mailing promotional items to customers; their flat shape and size lend themselves well to mailing envelopes and are economical to ship.

There are many industries that are particularly well suited for using mousepads as a promotional item, such as those in information technology, customer service, telemarketing, inside sales, or other jobs that keep employees at their desks for much of the work day. With the proliferation of computers in the home, though, mouse pads are a great idea for just about anyone.

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