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Promotional Pens

Promotional pens, which come in a tremendous number of styles, provide you with a useful giveaway item that your customers will use often.

Promotional pens are an economical way to leave your customer with an item that they will continue to use. The great thing is that each time they use your pen, with your information on the barrel, they will think about you. Pens are used in an “up-close” manner, making it easy for the user to spot your message. In addition, people have pens everywhere—their desk, car, purse, by the phone, etc.

There are hundreds of pens styles that make great promotional items. From high-end executive pens to low-budget ball point stick pens, there is sure to be one that meets your needs. Pen selections include a variety of ink types and colors, pens that have caps or a retractable point or pens that provide special cushioning options. Top brand names include BIC, Sheaffer, PaperMate and Parker Pen.

There are also unique pen options. Pens can be purchased that form a shape at the top—for example, a dollar sign for a bank—or that hang on a rope, something that is especially appreciated by those in jobs that require immediate access to pens. Other specialty pens include pens with multiple message displays (it rotates in the barrel with each click), pens that light up, or promotional pens that have floating objects inside, such as a tiny cruise ship for a travel agency.

Most pens for promotion have small imprint areas that are either screen printed or laser printed on. Some shapes allow for multiple message lines, and some styles provide the opportunity for an emblem to be added to the clip.

Pens are a particularly popular promotional product simply because everybody uses them. We have even heard of clients intentionally leaving pens behind at cash registers, restaurants or banks so that the customers signing items after them will use their logo pen and see its promotional message.

Pens can also be used to promote an event or theme: a group’s annual meeting, book signings, for sales promotions related to writing orders, or as a token from a wedding reception with the couple’s names on it.

Virtually everybody uses pens on a daily basis, and by selecting a pen to promote your business you can get your message in front of your customers hundreds of times at a very low cost.

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