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Recognition Awards

Recognition awards make customers and employees feel appreciated, and a recognition gift at just the right time can strengthen a business relationship.

Recognition awards can be key to building successful relationships with your customers, as well as with keeping employees motivated and productive.

Customers can be recognized with awards for reaching specific milestones in sales, to recognize individual accomplishments they have made, such as a company anniversary, or to acknowledge a specific project or deal.

Employees also appreciate recognition awards. These can be geared around any number of achievements, including service anniversaries, top sales levels, exceptional customer service levels, idea generation, project leadership, safe driving for delivery staff or any number of successes.

The key to appropriate recognition is to recognize the achievement when it occurs, and to be sincere in your presentation and include details about why you are recognizing the person with an award. Its a good idea to keep recognition items on hand so that you are ready when the need arises.

With some recognition opportunities, you can plan ahead. Service awards, for example. A simple list generated in human resources and show you who will be reaching specific milestones in service in the coming quarter. You can then order plaques, pins, or other unique rewards in advance that reflect your company culture in the awards presented.

Some of the more common recognition products include plaques and pins. Plaques come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. The most common materials are wood and Lucite. Wood plaques are often engraved, and may also include a metal plate. Lucite plaques are becoming quite popular. The clear plaque can have images and messages layered inside, appearing to float within the plaque. Colors also stand out well in Lucite.

Pins are also available in many shapes and sizes, and can easily be customized. Many companies have lapel pins in the shape of their logo and use these as recognition awards. Pins are especially popular for service awards; we know of one company that employees joke that the only time they are not wearing their company pin is when they have their pajamas on! Pins have also increased in popularity as more of the workforce wears name badges, as pins are a popular adornment to these badges.

Were happy to work with you to determine exactly which recognition awards will be the most meaningful to your employees and customers, and will reflect on your company in a pleasing way.

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