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Trade Show Bags

Trade show bags are a great item to keep your name in front of all participants throughout the show.

Trade show bags are a great promotional item to consider when presenting or staffing a booth at a trade show. Participants at the show are more than happy to use the bags as they collect the tremendous amounts of literature and giveaway items available from different show vendors. And because the bags are durable, many participants even reuse the bags once they are home.

Bags designed for trade shows are typically rectangular shaped poly bags. Style choices to consider include the weight of the bag, its handle type and whether the bag includes a gusset, all of which are important features to the trade show bag user.

Because most trade shows have dozens and dozens of vendors, participants can collect a large amount of literature (including heavy product catalogs) in a short period of time. They may also be coming on multiple days and using more than one bag. Trade show bags should be selected so that they can support a fair amount of weight.

In addition, as participants walk around the show, they will want a bag that is comfortable to hold and doesn’t cut into their hand. Handle choices range from poly handles, which are the weakest handle, to die-cut handles, which are often reinforced. You can also choose a plastic-snap handle; this handle is comfortable and also helps hold trade show items inside the bag, particularly if the item is dropped.

Bags with a gusset, which is an expandable bottom, allow the trade show participant to hold bulky items or a large amount of literature. Gussets are available in different sizes.

Quantity plays a role in the imprint process. If you are ordering a large quantity (more than 5,000) imprinting usually occurs while the bag is being manufactured. This allows you to select artwork that includes spot color or full color. For smaller quantities, the imprinting usually occurs after the bag has been manufactured and only simple, one-color artwork is available.

Bags for trade shows typically have a 20 percent overrun or under run allowance, meaning if you order 10,000 bags you will get anywhere from 8,000 to 12,000. Keep this in mind when ordering to ensure you receive the quantity you need. Also, these bags tend to be quite heavy when boxed, so budget shipping costs when considering your final cost.

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