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Trade Show Giveways

Trade show giveaways can be used to give show participants a tangible, take-away item with your company’s logo, name or message on it.

Trade show giveaways can make the difference between having a customer leave your booth and forget about you or having them remember you for months—even years—to come.

Attending a trade show can be a lot of work and a big investment. This includes booth preparation, time away from the office for those working the event, and travel expenses to name a few costs. It’s estimated that trade show participation can cost a company $10,000 or more. You want to be sure to create an impression with trade show visitors, and a show giveaway item can do just that.

Trade show giveaways can draw traffic to your booth; people are always willing to stop if they are going to get something in return, particularly if it’s free. You’ll be able to draw new prospective customers to your booth, as well as reinforce your relationship with existing customers. The small investment made in a giveaway item will create a big return when you consider its ability to keep your name in front of the customer.

Items choices are abundant; there are literally thousands to choose from. Whatever your industry, product or service is, there is an item out there that will be of value to your customer and reflect your company in a positive way. If you sell golf clubs, we can provide you with imprinted golf balls as a trade show giveaway. If you sell accounting services, a pocket calculator is an excellent choice. You can even select a product that will be part of the show itself, such as a bag, badge holder or button.

When considering trade show items, remember that many participants are traveling. You won’t want to select a bulky item they may not have room for, or that they won’t want to carry around. You also don’t want to pick something that can break easily. In addition, product choices can be less formal in a trade show setting, when people are away from the office—being a little flashy can be fun!

When selecting your giveaway, think about your contact with the customer before and after the show. Consider a complementary item that you can send in pre- or post-show mailings. For example, prior to the show you could send them a notepad with the trade show dates on it and your booth number. They’ll see it often leading up to the show, and remember to stop by.

The key to providing giveaway items to trade show participants is to keep your message top of mind long after the trade show ends. A thoughtful, useful giveaway item can do just that.

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